Operation Fetch began as a non-profit that
performs Planned Acts of Community Kindness to further appreciation, education & awareness about service dogs PTSD, and dogs for visible and invisible wounds. We have dedicated ourselves to hundreds of missions since 2013. What began as fun social media microblogging has evolved into an important, positive and completely voluntary community of caring individuals worldwide who are committed to working dogs and their handlers, veterans, and other community members who care for and about each other without thought of reward through Planned Acts of Community Kindness (PACKs). No salaries are paid and no one profits from any of our activities. 

Examples of our activities:

  • Education and awareness seminars and visits about service dogs, PTSD, suicide prevention and invisible disabilities to over 400 school, hospitals, and community service organizations
  • Helped veterans and survivors of physical, emotional, war or environmental trauma with short term needs: emergency housing, cards and letters, assistance with service dog placement, compassionate visits, short term medical needs for handlers and dogs not covered by the VA or personal insurance
  • Guided dozens of trauma survivors to long term and meaningful assistance
  • Created two national conferences to educate first responders, community leaders, businessmen and women and the general public about assistance animals, the laws that apply to them and the importance of service dogs in the lives of people with disabilities. 
  • Traveled to 39 states and played TAPS 365 days in a row. Read the names of 22 soldiers lost to suicide. https://www.nbcdfw.com/multimedia/bugler-and-his-dog-honor-veterans_dallas-fort-worth/44814/
  • Created an anthology of dog stories (In Dogs We Trust) by world class authors that has been read globally and continues to move and inspire people to celebrate the human-canine connection.
  • Helped directly/indirectly raise over $3,000,000 for other groups: rescues, service dog agencies, and other non-profits…
  • Distributed over 3,000 coats and survival bags to homeless veterans and others in need. We do a coat drive annually.
  • Sent thousands of pounds of coffee to forward deployed troops. Each year Hansa Roasters in Libertyville, Illinois sells bags of Gander’s Choice coffee meant to be sent overseas. Funds raised help Fetch and LZ-Grace warriors retreat in Virgina.
  • Helped reuinite soldiers with their war dog battle buddies.
  • Provided adaptive equipment, appliances, cars, telephones and more to people in need.
  • Trained several national and local business and helped develop disability access straegies: Walmart, Hospitality International, Vantage Hotels, J.B. Hunt, Starbucks, McDonalds…
  • Actively involved in developing legislation to ensure better service dog access. Working with Representative Joyce Mason to pass “Gander’s Law” which would criminalize counterfeit service dog teams that are the cause of many public disruptions and promote negative public perception of SDs.
  • Beginning in 2021 we will be training dogs at no charge for people with invisible disabilities. Applications will be posted here when available.